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Vic in London - Day 1

דרג את הרשומה הזו
First day in the vic, after 2 hours of travelling and only 1 hour left to play poker, I said that it's just a nice time to get the tables around.
there're 1/1 and 1/2 tables with 10% and 5% rake accordingly.. 1/1 table has £5.5 cap.

In about 30 hands I managed to see nice preflop hands..

AQs from UTG +1, after UTG folds I make it 4. after 3 callers big blind wakes up to sqeeze us all and make it 22, which is a little low.
I've folded that one, and while the dealer tries to find out if she had collected the money correctly, I'm saying out loud "no one is going to call this anyway", "you never know" they tell me... fold fold and the small blind is calling (!)
flop Is A89 small blind checks and the big blind snap-checks. cowboys, I'm saying to myself, what else.
turn is a 3, check-check, river another 3, check-check. indian guy reveals his cowboys... I would have taken it... but who can call in this situation?
2nd hand JJ in UTG again after a limper, a raise to 5 and two clients, the guy two my left, that has just showed up one straight after another, with this funny 'r' Strrrraight!. and another guy which seems to be like a good player that lack good hands that night.

flop comes 236 twotone.

I'm cbetting 12 to a 15 pot, and get a caller from the straighty guy on my left.
he calls, making the pot around 35 after rake. turn is a 9, I cbet too high at 32, and taking the hand.

right after that hand I'm looking at AKo. a guy from mp opens high to 7 after 1 limper. folds to me in the big blind, and I make it 24 total. the guy hesitates but calls. flop comes 942, pot is about 44 and I've around 80 behind.
I cbet high to 32, to find the guy in the other side of the table hesitates. he wears some full-tilt hat, I think full-tilt are destroyed already. fold it you bastard!. after he is deliberating for a few seconds he says all-in, just after asking how much I got left. I feel like I might have been good there, as I'm almost certain it's a flush draw. but I didn't had it, and while throwing my hand dealer and players are surprised. I guess I can radiate strength :-)

2 hands after that I'm on the button. MP raise it to 15 after 1 limper for some reason. I was lucky to find aces in my hole.
I ask how much and shove it in. poor guy calls while saying "I know you're ahead". I take the pot and he shows pocket fives. Why the hell did he call if he knew he's behind? Don't tap the glass..

55 in MP, 1 limper.
I make it 5 and the good unlucky player calls, limper folds.
flop is A22t. classical Cbet but the guy insist.
turn is a 6 that does not complete the flush, and I check this time, villain checks behind.
river is another blank and I check, villain doesn't attack and surrender to my pair. probably running on a flush draw.

That's some rare action for 50 minutes of poker, isn't it? and I'm down 4.5 pounds..
I'm getting ready now for another session.. any tips?
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