Bounty Shootout at the Bicycle Casino
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    Bounty Shootout at the Bicycle Casino

    So, here's the thing: This tournament that's taking place as we speak has left me wondering and I wanted to get some insight from the more experienced players especially in the higher ABI's Mtts & Sng's

    This tourney has a cool format actually but that's besides the point, basically it's a 10 table FR shootout (with KO bounties and some small additions).
    My questions is: what is the reasoning behind entering a tournament such as this?
    The buy-in is 10k+300 and this is a PARTIAL list of the field, in no particular order:

    Amit Makhija \ Faraz Jaka \ Elky \ Christian Harder \ Kathi Liebert \ Shaun Deeb \ Dan Heimiler \ Scott Siever \ Shawn Buchanan \ Chris Moneymaker \ Chiau Giang \ Mike Baxter \ Jonathan Duhamel \Shane Schleger \ Eric Froelich \ Justin Smith \ Victor Ramdin \ Oliver Busquer \ Barry greenstein \ Matt Affleck\ George Lind \ William Reynolds \ Nenad Medic \ Daniel Alaei \ Vanessa Rousso \ Bill Chen \ Bryn Kenny \ Shannon Shorr \ Tom Marchese \ Daniel Negreanu \ Jason Mercier.

    That's a 3rd of the field.

    I think you get the idea and I left many solid notables out, believe you me. Some players are complete unknowns to me (but that doesn't mean they're soft spots) and the actual soft (or rather softer) spots, maybe amount to 10-15 players.

    So my question is. wtf?
    90 player sng basically, 9 players (shootout) get payed + bounties.

    Who really thinks he has an edge here?
    Even if some of this field have some edge here (and that's certainly true) wouldn't they be better served by playing a bit smaller than 10k but have an actual, large, quantifiable edge?

    Fine, if you play a Wsop event or a Wcoop or Ftops or whatever, even though you know 90% of the best players in the world would play - so do a gazzilion fish and if lady luck shines - u have a bracelet\Jersey whatever to ur name, which I guess most ppl value highly.
    But why on earth do so many great players choose to battle each other, basically, in a live tourney where they can pick and choose instead?
    The same goes for most high rollers events in general, btw.

    Can someone please shed some light on this for me? at a glance, it doesn't seem to make a lick of sense and you would expect these players to exercise some reasoning, considering they reason for a living (and obv. do it well).
    To conclude.... really?? Is Shaun Deeb for example really better served (Hourly wise) by playing this one, live event (getting there, getting back, etc.) than he is sitting at home Multitabling Mtt's, albeit at lower buy-ins?


    P.S - It is a televised event, for what's that's worth.

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