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    Question for Hollyh3ll

    Hello , i saw you Playing on PS , I was just wondering as far as multitasking , does playing 12 tournaments at the same time effect your game alot ? i mean if you have someone just constantly being agressive dont you need alittle read on that ? I mean i find it hard to believe that you can play 12 tables just as good as you can play 2 of them , or 1 perhaps . Im wishing you lots of luck , and my hebrew sucks therfor i couldnt figure out where to find you again , although i have been reading your threads for a while i am a new member here ...

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    When you use tracking program like HM or PT you can play 8+ tables easily .
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    When you use tracking program like HM or PT you can play 8+ tables easily .
    This helps a lot, but ultimately I would guess that almost anyone could play "better" if they played 1 table at a time.

    Whats more important to think about is how much $ you're making. Its more profitable to have a 20% roi at 15 trnys at the same time than to have a 100% roi in 1 of them. Also it would be extremely hard to win consistently playing one table at a time, as you'd get in like 1k trnys a year tops.

    BTW, theres lot of players on this forum that are much better multitablers than me . GL

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