2hands in a live game
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    2hands in a live game

    this is a hand from a game in barcelona 1-2
    pretty tight table but almost any raise gets called by 1-2 people
    i bought in for 60 euros got bad beat and lost it .bought in for another 50 and made it to 160 before this hand
    five limpers before me in the hand ,i get AQ from the button raise to 15
    2callers .flop AK10 both check to me i bet agian 19 euros 1 caller turn 4,she checks to me i bet 25 euros she raises to 60(she has over 400 on the table before the hand)i just call. river 5 ,she checks to me i check .she shows JQ for the straight .she was sure i will
    bet the river .how would you play this hand?

    another hand a little after this hand i have about 90 euros i am with AJ hearts
    from the cutoff ,the hand before i had aces and won about 30 euros
    so agian 4limpers i raise to 15 euros 2 callers agian
    flop k103 2 hearts big blind bets 16 euros ijust call and the third folds
    turn 8 clubs he thinks long and checks ,i bet 25(i was thinking no matter what is the river i push if he checks) he had before the hand 80euros
    he thinks long and calls.
    river comes 3 of hearts he checks i go all in he folds
    what you think about both hands .

  2. סטרייט פלאש  

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    first thing, i dont understand your buy-ins - 1-2 Euro's, and you buy in for 60 and 50 Euro's?? why so low? if you cant afford it dont play it...on the first hand, you bet 19 Euro's to a pot bigger than 45, which means your opponet is getting 1-3.5 on your bet. later you bet the flop after raising pre flop and getting called, then you bet on the turn again and again your giving your opponet 1-3.5 on his money! because of these small bets you dont know - maybe your opponet got something like jack-10, kj, 2 pairs, Ax - i mean: you'r just lost! thats why your calling a reraise on the turn even though you practically can only beat a bluff. you are lucky that your opponet didnt bet on the river for value because if you called on the turn you would probably call on the river...

    i would play it like this: raise on the flop little more than 0.5 pot , check the turn, call a small raise on the river/fold to a big one.

    last hand, your small ball poker was OK cause you left yourself enough money to go all in on the river for bluff/value....
    נערך לאחרונה על ידי dodly123; 14/09/2010 ב 10:32.

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    tomsilk (14/09/2010)

  4. הסמל האישי של gspot
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    אני הייתי נותן צ'ק בטרן ביד הראשונה, בריבר אני מהמר אם היא מצ'קצ'קת ומשלם אם היא מהמרת הימור סביר כמו חצי קופה אני משלם
    אה ותקנה לפחות ב200 מה זה 60?
    deep stack or no stack
    זהו הרמתי את הכפפה אני כבר לא עוקץ שנים

  5. הסמל האישי של Dr. Spew
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    שב פול סטאק. אם אתה לא יכול להרשות לעצמך.. וותר על סצנת הלייב בחו"ל
    ביד הראשונה, כמו שנאמר צ'ק בטרן, ובכללי יש לי בעיה עם הסייזינג.. רייז גבוה יותר פרה פלופ, סיבט גבוה יותר

    יד שניה הכל סטנדרטי ובסדר לדעתי, אולי עוד כמה יורו לרייז פרה

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    go to the beach.
    I mean, I can be friends with you, but if We are playing poker, I'm trying to bust you, It's that simple.

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