Bonuses in Partyaz - take my advice
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    Bonuses in Partyaz - take my advice

    When you get a bonus for coming on time, buying in for 200BB's etc,
    make sure the Host writes down the time you arrived next to your name and the amount you bought in for.
    Usually you will be required to stay an extended amount of time as to compensate the Host for the bonus.
    Sometimes the Host will decide the time did not yet pass (whether it's by mistake or by Darwinism)
    and ask you to stay more.
    On severe cases he might even demand the bonus back when you cash-out. Do yourself a favor, make sure he writes your arrival time down and avoid future misunderstanding

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    AceHigh (14/06/2010), david_moshko (14/06/2010), FishFishGarden (14/06/2010), Rafi_Vegas (14/06/2010)

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    אני חושב שאם אתה מגיע בתחילת הערב (לרוב רק בהתחלה יש בונוסים) ומתכוון לשחק יותר מ-3 שעות (אצלי לפחות סופר סטנדרטי) זה לא רלוונטי. אם אתה יודע שאתה קצר בזמנים אז כן שווה לברר ולרשום.
    if you never valuetown yourself, you are not valuebetting enough

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