HU versus Short Stack Passive
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    HU versus Short Stack Passive

    While palying HU in NL25 i have encountered a player playing SS and palying very passive
    The player was buying in every time for 7.5$ and was playing around 55/0/0.7 on around 120 hands. PF he can fold to either a min raise to 0.5$ as weel as a fold to a raise of 1.5$ so it does not matter the raise size but only his playing hand. After flop/turn/river he will only bet if he has something strong and will call only if has something (draw/P+)
    now the question that i want to ask here is do you think it is better to make our PFR higher then normal /standard/minimum raise
    Although the effect of raising small is the same as raising big the problem here is the rake. I know that i have the edge on him over time but due to his very passive play after flop he will not paly back unless he has a hand meaning that i will take down a lot of small pots but each of these pot's will pay a rake
    By making our PFR higher i can grind him out more quickly and with less rake but i also downgrade the play to his level (since he is weaker he is better playing less and bigger pots)
    I will be glad to hear people opnion on this
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    דעתי היא שאם אתה דובר עברית כדאי שתכתוב את הפוסטים הארוכים האלה בעברית, כי אין כח לקרוא...

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    אם אתה אומר שהוא לא שם על כלום חוץ מהיד שלו , אז תשחק איתו פוקר הכי פשוט ושקוף שיש.

    רייז גדול בידיים החזקות שלך , רייז קטן יותר בידייים החלשות יותר.

    תהמר כל פלופ כמעט, ובפלופים עם משיכות לרצף/צבע תהמר חזק אם תפסת משהו.

    כל הSS האלו הם סתם באים להמר ולצאנס, זה איזי פוקר.

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